About Nærbutikken

Nærbutikken are small, local supermarkets that offer everyday consumer goods and local services.

The Nærbutikken brand is managed and operated by Kjøpmannshuset Norge AS, NorgesGruppen’s largest concept chain. Nærbutikken is Kjøpmannshuset’s concept for “small” local supermarkets and comprises some 152 local shops across Norway.

Nærbutikken – Sensible shoppers shop where they live!
Nærbutikken helps in maintaining the sustainability of villages and small communities, and its presence is important to the local community. We think that the most important thing to our customers when they shop with us is that they are greeted with personal service by shopkeepers who know their customers. At Nærbutikken they are just as likely to see the shopkeeper working in the aisles as behind the till.

Nærbutikken – A local touch!
The way we see it, being helpful, smiling and creating a good atmosphere is not old-fashioned. In our supermarkets with their friendly, local atmosphere customers will find a good and varied selection of products at sensible prices along with weekly offers on a number of staple products. The range of goods is tailored to meet local demand with produce from local suppliers and producers. Many of our shops have in-store Post Offices and stock games, pharmacy products and much more, so we can safely call ourselves a local service centre in many places. Home delivery is also available in many of our shops if you need it.